Kunets – Manage your cluster everywhere easily!

One of our members of the product family is early age Kunets. Kunets is managed service which gives as a service multi-cloud multi clusters in a central dashboard with centralized logging and centralized monitoring. It helps the large companies internal process improvement and control panel for Kubernetes oriented infrastructure.

Features are for kunets

  • Cloud elasticity, with bare metal performance.
  • A head-end for your multi-cloud. 
  • Application, configuration, and LCM portability.
  • One kind of ops automation.
  • Continuous, non-disruptive updates.
  • Deployment flexibility
  • All this, and it’s fully-managed by Kunets
  • Meanwhile, you’ve leaped ahead. 
  • They have all the benefits of private cloud.
  • With the advantages of public cloud.
  • And a single, simple gateway to multi-cloud